Apart from our own studies, the ART supports external projects in many different ways. For example, we have supported:

  • A study on the social structure of stranded pods of Long-finned pilot whales in the Falkland Islands (2005-06).
  • dive survey on the distribution and composition of marine invertebrates in coastal areas of the Falklands, incl. the production of a picture identification guide (since 2007).
  • A monitoring programme on the ecology and biology of seabirds and marine mammals in the Beagle Channel, Argentina (since 2007; Dr. Andrea Raya Rey & Dr. Sabrina Harris, CONICET – CADIC, Ushuaia, Argentina).
  • A long-term monitoring programme on Wandering albatrosses at Albatross and Prion Islands, South Georgia (since 2007; South Georgia Surveys, Stanley, Falkland Islands).
  • A rat-eradication project on selected islands in the Falklands (since 2007; Island LandCare, Stanley, Falkland Islands).
  • Genetical analysis of rodents from the Falkland Islands (since 2007; Island LandCare, Stanley, Falkland Islands).
  • Migration of juvenile Black-browed and Wandering Albatrosses from South Georgia (2009).
  • Study on the migration of sheldgeese in Patagonia, South America (since 2013; Dr. Julieta Pedrana, CONICET – INTA, Balcarce, Argentina).
  • Study on the seasonal movements and immigration of Striated Caracaras on Isla de los Estados, Argentina, using GPS-Satellite tags (2017; Ulises Balza, CONICET – CADIC).