Overview of our current and upcoming activities


April 2023

  • Continuation of the restoration project on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands, by further tussac plantations.


March 2023

  • International project in cooperation with Dr. Alejandro Simeone (Andres-Bello University, Santiago, Chile) and Dr. Thomas Mattern (Tawaki Project) to investigate the winter dispersal of Humboldt Penguins in Chile (Project 42/23).


February/March 2023


January/February 2023

  • Field work on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands, by Klemens Pütz: Various projects on flora and fauna, including deployment of camera loggers on Magellanic Penguins (Project 40/23).


November/December 2022

  • Expedition to the Bounty and Antipodes Islands, New Zealand, in cooperation with Dr. Thomas Mattern (Tawaki Project) and Dr. Pablo Garcia-Borboroglu (Global Penguin Society) to study the foraging ecology of Erect-crested and Eastern Rockhopper Penguins (Project 39/22).


October 2022


July 2022


May 2022

  • Start of the winter krill project at South Georgia in cooperation with the Government of South Georgia and the British Antarctic Survey. Tracking of Gentoo penguins to evaluate potential interactions with the commercial winter krill fishery (Project 38/22).