Overview of our current and upcoming activities

August 2021

  • Publication of the new calendar 2022.


17 April 2021

    • Premiere of the TV documentation “ANTARKTIKA – Die geforene Zeit” on ARTE at 20:15.

Dr. Klemens Pütz was scientific advisor in this documentary, which takes you on a journey from New Zealand via the Auckland, Campbell and Maquarie Islands to the Ross Sea in Antactica .

März/April 2021

  • Contunuation of the restoration project on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands, by further tussac plantations.


February 2021

  • International diving project on Hummock Island to study the impact of eroded peat on the coastal benthic communities. Further surveys of flora and fauna.
  • International project on the foraging ecology of King Penguins in the Magellan Strait, Chile – Postponed until February 2022.


Dezember 2020

  • Monitoring of the coastal bird populations on the Sea Lion Islands (Rum, Brandy, Whisky and Sea Lion Easterly) by Sally Poncet & Ken Passfield.


November 2020

  • Field work on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands, by Sally Poncet & Ken Passfield: Servicing of technical installations, penguin counts, recovery of the GLS-loggers deployed in 2019 on Rockhopper Penguins and various projects on flora and fauna.


October 2020


August 2020

  • Publication of the new calendar 2021.


Juni 2020


February/March 2020

  • Deployment of satellite tags on Fjordland Penguins in New Zealand to study their winter migration, with special emphasis on rehabilitated birds (Project 37/20). See also www.tawaki-project.org.


September 2018