Overview of our current and upcoming activities


February and March 2021

  • International project on the foraging ecology of King Penguins in the Magellan Strait, Chile (Project 39/21).


January 2021


November 2020 to February 2021

  • Field season on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands, including various scientific studies on the flora and fauna of Hummock Island, for example the deployment of further camera loggers on Magellanic Penguins to study their underwater feeding behaviour (Project 38/20) and the retrieval of the GLS-Sensors deployed on Rockhopper Penguins in 2019.


October 2020

  • Publication of the Newsletter 16/20.


August 2020

  • Publication of the new calendar 2021.


Summer 2020

  • Publication of the book “Die Flora von Hummock Island”. [in German]


25 April 2020 – WORLD PENGUIN DAY

  • What has started with the joint participation of ZooZurich, in cooperaton with the Antarctic Research Trust, and Oracle Switzerland at HackZurich 2019 is now being put into practice. The development of a new mobile app for the protection of penguins in Antarctica is currently underway. At today’s WorldPenguinDay we present you a first preview of the new mobile app.


April 2020

  • Further plantation of tussock grass on Hummock Island, Falkland Islands. Due to the global COVID-19 pandemy, this project will be conducted with much reduced effort.


February/March 2020

  • Deployment of satellite tags on Fjordland Penguins in New Zealand to study their winter migration, with special emphasis on rehabilitated birds (Project 37/20). See also www.tawaki-project.org.


September 2018